Olympic Telescope  Free Telescope Viewing Programs

Artwork credit:  Tyler NordgrenThis image is available as a poster. It is sold at the ONP Visitor Center Bookstore (Port Angeles)

Note:  No reservations are needed.  The programs are free, but you must pay a fee to enter Olympic National Park.  Meet at the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center where there is plenty of parking.  Dress for cold.  Telescope programs cancel if conditions are cloudy -- you can call the Hurricane Ridge Road Hotline on the day of the program after 2 p.m. for programs status.  (360) 565-3131.

In 2022, for the twelfth summer season, I will lead free public telescope viewing at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, 18 miles from Port Angeles, Washington.  I hope to see you next summer!  This summer we will feature globular cluster M92 and many other interesting objects.  Mars will be out this summer and Saturn and Jupiter may be available late in the evening.  Other objects to see will include planetary nebula M57 (also known as the "Ring Nebula"), M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy)  -- and many more.

I use a pair of homemade Dobsonian telescopes.  Ursa Minor  has a 12.5 inch aperture, and Draco has a 20 inch mirror.  I use seven different TeleVue eyepieces.  I commonly use the TeleVue 17 mm Ethos eyepiece with either scope.  With this eyepiece there is 112x magnification with Ursa Minor and 142x magnification with Draco.

Last summer there were 1882 viewers at the programs. 

                          Location: 47.9693 N, 123.4988 W