Are you interested in becoming a volunteer Dark Ranger at Olympic National Park?  Contact John for information and apply.

  Dark Ranger Nels

John Goar is the volunteer "Dark Ranger" at Olympic National Park who leads the public telescope programs.  John is a member of the Olympic Astronomical Society, an astronomy club that meets monthly in Bremerton, Washington.  John is also a certified Master Observer by the Astronomical League.  In the offseason, John teaches physical science at North Kitsap High School in Poulsbo, Washington.

John is assisted by ranger Tracy Beals and several other volunteer Dark Rangers.  Next summer look for Ethan Gregory, Mike Reitmajer and Battle Point Astronomical Association board member Nels Johansen on the ridge.

Questions can be sent by e-mail to John at


Dark Ranger Mike

  Dark Ranger Tracy

Astronomy at Hurricane Ridge is brought to you by the Olympic Dark Rangers!

Dark Ranger John

Artwork Credit:  Tyler Nordgren

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